Window Repairs Bristol


Window Repairs 

Avoid costly replacement of UPVC, aluminium and wooden framed windows by getting Window and Door Repairs Bristol to repair existing windows rather than replacing the entire window. 
We are able to 
Replace foggy, cloudy windows which have condensation between the panes 
Replace individual hinges, handles, and locking mechanisms which have broken 

UPVC and Aluminium Window Repairs 

UPVC and aluminium window frames will not degrade, so they are ultimately repairable. Hinges, locking mechanisms and double-glazed units can be replaced, a much better option than replacing the whole window with expensive new ones. 

Wooden Window Repairs 

Wooden windows are also repairable, double glazed units can be replaced and handles, hinges and locks can also be repaired. 

Projects and Testimonials 

Replacement Double Glazing Units in Long Ashton 
The homeowner was trying to sell the home and unsightly misted glazed units in the front of the house were not helping the kerb appeal! 
Misted glass replacement
Reglaze existing double glazed windows
Replace misted panes Bristol
“Window and Door Repairs Bristol did a fantastic job. The condensation inside the glazed units made them looked misty and unattractive. 
Alan worked quickly and efficiently, the windows looked good as new – and certainly more cost effective than replacing the whole window” 
Suzy Perry, Long Ashton, Bristol 
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